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 "The Weird, Wild, Wonderful Days of School "   will be coming soon this holiday.  The show is funny with a whole lot of character and is wonderful for the entire family!  During the show, you will witness Junior High school students going through social changes personally and within the school all while trying to be the best performer they could for their upcoming play.  


Diary of a Mad Theatre will be a TV Series. Over the next nine weeks the jet studios company members will be introduced to aspirations, failures, conflicts and success of how a Theatre production works from the casting to the bow. You will see the divas, the screaming director, and the pains of the proud parents and how the show must go on. 


In Da Cut Trailer #2

SUPERWHO?The project highlights an ordinary boy who turns out to have extraordinary powers; however, what he does with this revelation is what the core of the story is truly about. SuperWho is a story about a young man's journey to discovering what you can do with what you already have and the source of the true power within. 

"Cookies & Crime" is a new web series for kids that will address the everyday moral challenges using the 10 Commandments as the foundation for what is right and wrong. The show brings on kid detectives to work out these cases and kid lawyers to battle it out in the court room to prove their case. Who killed the goldfish? Who stole the cookies? Who cheated off of whom? Detectives Mason and Singer know the mean rows of these classrooms so they are here to solve them. 

Mama & Me #1
Mama & Me #2

Weird Wild Wonderful Days of School

The story line is about junior high school students performing a play within a play. The Girls and boys are interacting with each other on social issues. Meanwhile they are learning to keep their cool under the pressure of performing.


"Undertow", by Harlem Renaissance playwright Eulalie Spence, directed by Rosemarie Smith-Coleman. Eulalie Spence's 1927 play Undertow is one of her lasting works, and one of the few plays from the Harlem Renaissance era that can be successfully produced today.  The story develops around infidelity and redemption. 

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    Based on the Greek tragedy Oedipus,

"I Feel Like Going On," will shine light on the darkness of evil and execute hope to the hopeless.
     Moreover, this film will take viewers through a man's journey of redemption, forgiveness and survival. The main character Ed Opus, will not only have to learn how to accept forgiveness from God, but most importantly himself.

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  P.O.W. is centered on the Chamberlin family. Bootknee,Trina and their young 9 year old brother. Dealing with the loss of their father and being raised in a single household, the Chamberlin's struggle to find themselves while dealing with the pressures of growing up.  P.O.W. takes you into the home, school and minds of what young people are being challenged with each day. It's a riveting example of power and passion between family and friends. In the end these young people do triumph over weapons. 

In The Closet Trailer #1
In The ClosetTrailer #1
In The Closet Trailer #1
Mama & Me  1
In Da Cut Trailer #1

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